Mixing Desk / Tape Machine / Digital Mixer / Monitoring

SoundCraft Spirit 8 - 24 channel analog console

Studer Revox PR99 - Reel to Reel Tape Machine

Solid State Logic Nucleus - Digital Mixer

Roland M-240 - 24 Channel Vintage Mixer

Dynaudio BM6 - Control room monitors

Avantone MixCubes

Yamaha HS7 - Live room monitors

outboard gear / interface

Universal Audio Apollo 8 Quad
Universal Audio Apollo 8 Duo
Universal Audio Apollo 8
Universal Audio Apollo Twin
Universal Audio LA2A
Universal Audio Solo/610
Universal Audio 6176
Neve 1073 Mic Pre/Eq ( 2 )
Rupert Neve 517 ( 2 )
BAE 10DC ( 2 ) 
BAE 500c
API 512c ( 4 )
API 550a  ( 2 ) 
API 565 ( 2 )
Maag EQ4 ( 2 )
SSL SuperAnalogue Mic Pre's ( 2 )
SSL 611EQ ( 2 )
Empirical Labs Derresser
Roland SDE-2000 Digital Delay
Radial EXTC 500


   1976 Gibson Les Paul Custom
    2018 Gibson ES-335 Traditional 
  1979 Fender American Precision Bass
Fender Jazzmaster Vintage 62' 
1976 Guild B-50NT Acoustic Bass
Fender Telecaster Deluxe 70's Vintage
Fender J Mascis Signature Series Telecaster
Epiphone Casino
1971 Epiphone Model 6732 (GA-000)
Martin D-14 


1966 Vox Viscount
1973 Orange OR80
Vox AC 15 Handwired
Fender Deluxe Reverb ( Limited Edition Red Wine )
Fender Rumble 100


Piano / Synth /Keys
& Euro Rack

Steinway 45 Studio Upright
1923 Bush & Lane Baby Grand Piano
1977 Fender Rhodes Mark I
Mellotron M4000D
Moog Opus Vintage Poly
Moog Grandmother
Moog Minitaur
Nord Lead 2
Roland SE-02
Roland TR-08
Roland JU-06
Roland JX 3-P ( PG-200 )
Korg MS-20
Korg MS2000B
Korg SEQ 64 (2)
Make Noise O-CTRL
NI Kontrol S61
NI Machine ( 2 )
Make Noise Shared System:
If You know You know.
Make Noise Skiff #1 :
Noise Engineering Sono Abitus
Blood Cells Audio D.O.Mixx (2)
Audio Damage, INC ADM06 Seq1
Erica Synth Black Spring Reverb
Erica Synth Midi-Cv
Make Noise Skiff #2 :
Buchla Source of Uncertainty
Buchla Dual Oscillator ( 2 )
Buchla Quad Function Generator
Buchla Quad Lopass
Pittsburgh EP420:
Make Noise STO ( 2 )
Erica Synth VCO 2
Mutable Instruments Clouds
Mutable Instruments Rings
Doepfer A-141
Doepfer A-120
Make Noise QPAS
Intellijel Quad VCA
Bizarre Jezabel Mimosa
Bizarre Jezabel athrea
3M Quad Clock 
Noise Engineering Zularic Repetitor
Pittsburgh Lifeforms Micro Seq
XAOC Batumi
Erica Synth Modulator
2hp Loop
Mordax Data
AJH V-Scale
EarthQuaker Afterneath
EarthQuaker The Wave Transformer
Erica Synth Sample Drum
Endorphines Blck Noir
Erica Synth Bass Drum
Erica Synth Snare
WMD Kraken
Erica Synth Toms
Erica Synth Hi-Hats A
Erica Synth Cymbals
WMD Chimera
2hp Bell
WMD Chimera
Erica Synth Clap
2HP Bell
2HP. Pluck